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Code Computerlove

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Hannah Pickford
0161 276 2080
Sevendale House
Dale Street
M1 1BE

Code is a design and innovation agency, part of EssenceMediacom North.

In a world where customer behaviours, markets and technology adoption constantly shift, it can be hard to know where to invest your time and energy as a business.

It's all too easy to make decisions based on an understanding of today that are not fit for tomorrow. That's why the way we work isn't to predict what the entirety of an experience will look like, but to focus on what our partners need to achieve. 

We uncover unmet opportunities, solve complex problems, explore ideas that have a breakthrough impact and then make them happen. Always starting where we can deliver the most significant results, then testing, learning and improving before moving on to the next goal.

This is different from how most agencies work. It's faster and more collaborative. More flexible.

With Code's deep customer insights, brand-led creativity and leading human-centred design and engineering capabilities on your side, the time to reinvent is now.

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